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Roller Chains: The Link to the Industry Machine

The usage of roller chains is widespread throughout various industrial fields. From assembly lines, conveyors and agricultural machines, you'll see roller chains working their magic to keep things moving smoothly. Not to mention their key role for bikes, motorcycles, and automobiles. Roller chains and their links are built sturdy in order to handle large payloads. The [...]

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How to Determine if it's Time for New ATV Bearings

Was your last ride a little rougher than you had hoped? Maybe the wheels felt loose, or they're shaking or wobbly? There are a few different possibilities here, but one of the main problems that could be causing this is worn out ATV Bearings. Luckily, there are some methods to determine exactly what issues you [...]

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5 Things to Remember When Installing Pillow Block Bearings

When the time comes to replace your pillow block bearings, you should hopefully have an idea of how to go about it correctly. However, there are some important installation factors you should be aware of. And that doesn't just include getting the right bearing for replacement, though that is very important as well. Here's a [...]

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Is it Time for New Washing Machine Bearings?

Before you get started on a project like this, be sure that you account for everything that replacing Washing Machine Bearings will consist of. It isn't a quick fix, and in many cases it will require you to completely strip your washer. Which in turn means you will need to put it back together in [...]

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Deciding on the Right Oil Seals

It doesn't look like much, and it doesn't cost much, but the value of Oil Seals cannot be overstated. From denying foreign particles such as dirt and dust from getting inside of machines, to stopping liquids and lubricants from leaking, their importance is undeniable. Choosing the right fitting oil seal is the first thing you should [...]

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Rod Ends: When to Know you Need New Ones

As with just about everything in life, Rod Ends will eventually go bad due to age, weather, or other forms of wear and tear. While we can't completely stop the ultimate demise of them you can save yourself a lot of money by identifying and replacing them before they wear out completely and cause other [...]

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ATV Wheel Bearings for Summertime Fun

It's almost summer. Time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. All of those off-road activities that we love so much can finally get moved to the forefront. The ATV's can have the tarp removed at last, and go through the routine check-ups to make sure it's running right. Get those wheels and ATV wheel [...]

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Shaft Collars: What are They Exactly?

The shaft collars are a straightforward, yet essential, machine element found in several power transmission applications, most notably electric motors as well as transmissions. The collars are utilized as mechanical stoppers, situating components, and bearing fronts. The easy style lends itself to easy setup.Clamp Style Shaft CollarsThese were developed to fix the problems connected with [...]

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Why Radial Ball Bearings Must fit Right

When it comes to the longevity and optimal production of radial ball bearings, having the correct housing and shaft is crucial. Regardless of what you're using the bearings for, you want peak performance levels to not only perform tasks better, but also save money in wear and tear and replacement costs. Here's a few things [...]

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The Facts About Flange Bearings

Flange bearings are designed to offer support and strength to a shaft that is perpendicular to the surface of the bearings mount. There are three different types of flange bearings: Two-bolt flange bearings that are shaped like a diamond; Three-bolt flange bearings with a tri-cornered shape; and last but not least, the four-bolt flange bearings which is typically [...]

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