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Rod Ends: When to Know you Need New Ones

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Rod Ends

As with just about everything in life, Rod Ends will eventually go bad due to age, weather, or other forms of wear and tear. While we can't completely stop the ultimate demise of them you can save yourself a lot of money by identifying and replacing them before they wear out completely and cause other problems. Here's a few things to look for when deciding whether you need new rod ends or not:

Loose Tie Rod Ends

If you have loose tie rod ends, the results could be catastrophic. When they are bad, they will affect the entire rod and at some point cause it to come completely loose. It's very important that this doesn't happen.

Alignment Issues

If your rod ends are not correctly adjusted, the alignment of your vehicle will suffer. This means lower fuel economy, excessive tire wear, often on the outer areas of the tire, as well as the hastened wear of other parts on your vehicle. While there are many causes for alignment issues, rod ends are among the most common .

Excessive Worn Tires

If you find the wear on your tires to repeatedly occur towards the inside or outside of your tires frequently, you may need to replace your rod ends. It's not unusual to have this sort of wear on tires, however, if it occurs often, you might want to have those tie rod ends inspected.

Vibrating Steering Wheel or Car

If you notice your steering wheel vibrating, mostly when you are turning your vehicle, this is a good indicator of the rod ends going bad. Also, if the rods are close to completely ruined, the entire car may shake. If this is occurring, it should be addressed immediately to avoid a serious accident.

Luckily, when rod ends start to go bad, they give plenty of different warning signs. But if you ignore these signs, you may be asking for more trouble than you could imagine. Here's the place to find affordable, high quality rod ends to replace your worn out one's. 

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