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Understanding the Clutch for Choosing a Clutch Release Bearing

When choosing the right clutch release bearing, you obviously need to know which model you're buying the replacement for. However, are you aware of what a clutch actually is doing when you buy a clutch release bearing? Here is some insight for those of you who aren't sure exactly how the whole thing works.Introducing the [...]

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Pillow Block Bearing Talk

The general purpose that a pillow block bearing serves is as a supportive part for a moving shaft. It usually works in conjunction with relative bearings as well as additional pieces that work as a unit. The pillow block bearing housing is usually cast steel or iron. What does a Pillow Block Bearing do?The primary uses [...]

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Proper Maintenance of V Belts

Due to the rubber composition of V Belts, and their perpetual circular motion when they are in use, they have a tendency to have a very short life span. And as you may know, when the belt breaks, everything stops until it is replaced. So here's a few ideas to maximize the longevity of your [...]

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Surprise! Do you Know Where Rod Ends Come From?

You just never know what you might learn. They say we learn something new everyday. Well, this article might be your chance to do just that. It might even be possible that you learn several things. I'm going to give you a brief summary of how Rod Ends were introduced to the world.Who Invented the [...]

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Agricultural Bearings: The Breakdown

Working in agriculture is a dirty job. The agricultural field is filled with harsh conditions, grueling hours, and scores of different machinery. Despite all this it is also one of the most needed and fulfilling fields to be a part of. The people of the world need fed and they rely on those working in [...]

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What are Metric Oil Seals?

Oil seals are often called grease, fluid, or dirt seals. These seals close spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment. Oil seals are designed to prevent the escape of lubricant. They also block contaminants from entering machinery. This is especially important in severe environments. They also prevent the mixing of different mediums like [...]

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The Radial Ball Bearing

Radial ball bearings are precision-engineered components. Between at least two concentric bearing races is an array of hard stainless steel, chromium steel, or ceramic balls. The radial ball bearing comes in a sealed unit with the balls captured within machined grooves inside the rings which serve as a housing. (Counter to common usage, the term [...]

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Determining When You Need Roller Chain Parts Replaced

Roller chain parts are essential in making specific industries work from transmitting power to conveyor belts in distribution plants. Because these parts are arguably the most overworked devices in the world, they're bound to wear out after so much use. Fortunately, the parts are easy to replace, though it's not always possible to find them [...]

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Using the Right Shaft Coupler Can Reduce Downtime And The Need for More Expensive Repairs

The maintenance of shaft couplers isn't something you often think about until after some type of mechanical failure has already occurred, however giving due consideration to the couplings in your particular application may contribute to a long and useful life of both your couplings, the shafts they connect and the entire machinery of which they [...]

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Use Corrosion Resistant Bearings to Repair or Rebuild Your ATV

When choosing the best bearing for your particular application, it is important that you choose one that will hold up well over time. No matter what you are intending to use your bearing in, the material your bearing is composed of can mean the difference between your bearing being successful over the long haul, and [...]

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