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Proper Maintenance of V Belts

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V Belt

Due to the rubber composition of V Belts, and their perpetual circular motion when they are in use, they have a tendency to have a very short life span. And as you may know, when the belt breaks, everything stops until it is replaced. So here's a few ideas to maximize the longevity of your V Belt. They aren't cheap, so you should want to maximize the value of your investment.

Ways to get the Most From Your V Belt

There is a scraping tool that is specifically designed for V Belts. This tool will remove any dirt or other particles that may build up over time. Due to the constant motion of a conveyor, dirt and other foreign substances have a tendency to accumulate on the belt. So check it often to be sure nothing is hindering or wearing out your V Belt. Lubricant is also an important consideration. Maintaining proper lubrication helps prevent the belt from drying and cracking, as well as keeping the belt limber and operating at peak performance.

Account for any Issues

If you give your conveyor some time during a "dry run", you can identify other problems that may affect your V Belt. Since there is no extra weight during an empty run, you'll be able to find issues that you may not have previously noticed. You should look for any other parts of your conveyor that may come in contact with your belt, causing tears or altering the belts track. This preemptive method allows you to resolve any possible disasters before they happen. 

Additionally, at the end of the day, a little water sprayed directly on the belt can eliminate any particles of dust that may be present. This also helps in keeping the belt moist for longer usage time. These simple processes can help prevent the need for constant V Belt replacement. Which of course leads to more productivity. Contact Us and we'll help you find the durable V belt you need for your business. Or shop at our BIG store online.

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