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Determining When You Need Roller Chain Parts Replaced

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Roller Chain Parts

Roller chain parts are essential in making specific industries work from transmitting power to conveyor belts in distribution plants. Because these parts are arguably the most overworked devices in the world, they're bound to wear out after so much use. Fortunately, the parts are easy to replace, though it's not always possible to find them all in one store.

We can help you find the roller chain parts you need here at The Big Bearing Store. Through us, you can find everything from B hub sprockets, conveyor roller chains, to offset or connecting links.

All of these meet or extend ANSI standards and manufactured in ISO certified factories. Each part also gets tested before we ship so you're assured they properly work in your facility.

Before you buy these parts, though, how do you know what to look for in knowing whether you need a replacement part? Sometimes a lack of regular maintenance can cause trouble. Other times it's due to lack of quality from the original manufacturer.

Breakdown Due to Lack of Lubrication

It's easy to overlook something as simple as lubricating your roller chain drive. When your roller chain keeps working without maintenance, you may become complacent to sustaining operations. You'll start to see some problems if you don't choose the correct lubrication type or apply the proper process.

General problems that occur without lubrication include cushion impact load issues or heat dissipation malfunctions. Lack of lubrication can bring general wear to the roller chain and break during the middle of a busy production period.

Elongation of the Roller Chain

One of the most common issues with roller chains breaking down is elongation from worn pins and bearings. The latter two parts start to wear based on articulation of the bearings from constantly entering and leaving the chain sprockets.

Once these pins and bearings start to fall apart, you'll need quality replacement parts. Some places don't always give you the quality you need to maintain the chain's wear life. Again, you can find the best pins and bearings for roller chains right here.

Lack of Fabrication

This is another process that needs doing for the roller chain assembly to work optimally. It involves removing imperfections on the pins through a grinding process. Having a clean surface on the pins is essential to allow more efficient load-bearing pressure distribution.

Bushings have a grinding procedure done as well to assure more roundness of the part. Uneven surfaces of both bushings and pins can lead to more wear and severe malfunctions.

No Heat Treatment or Preload

Here you have a procedure involving heat that can slow down wear and tear of roller chains. But it's a complicated procedure and something only credentialed experts should do. Heat treatment usually gets applied in the factory during manufacturing of the roller chain to assure quality.

These treatments maintain case hardness and case depth. Both of these elements bring a better wear resistance to prevent breakage. It's something to look out for before buying a chain part so you're guaranteed something long-lasting rather than needing quick replacement. Throughout our store, you never have to worry about buying inferior products.

Quality manufacturers typically apply this concept during the production phase of the roller chain. The process aligns all the main chain components at once.

A preload eliminates elongation issues that makes roller chains deteriorate faster. Without preloading, the chain drive will likely elongate immediately and continue to over time until wearing out.

Contact us here at The Big Bearing Store to find the roller chain parts you need, or any kind of bearing in existence.

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