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Pillow Block Bearing Talk

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Pillow Block Bearing

The general purpose that a pillow block bearing serves is as a supportive part for a moving shaft. It usually works in conjunction with relative bearings as well as additional pieces that work as a unit. The pillow block bearing housing is usually cast steel or iron. 

What does a Pillow Block Bearing do?

The primary uses for the pillow block is to provide support, while allowing a shaft to rotate freely within the inner ring. Sometimes referred to as a plummer block, it is actually different, as plummer blocks do not have bearings and are intended to support larger loads, or greater weight. Additionally, pillow block bearings are usually used in cleaner surroundings, considering they have bearings that are required to help with the functionality of other parts.

Also Known as Bearing Housings

This terminology is far more accurate than the plummer block, since it is actually relevant, though they are also not the same thing. Bearing housings are usually anchored through holes bored in the base of the unit. They come either as a split unit, or no split. They are most frequently two piece units, detachable at the base and cap, though some are one piece housing units.They incorporate seals in order to remain free of dirt and other foreign substances.

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