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Using the Right Shaft Coupler Can Reduce Downtime And The Need for More Expensive Repairs

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Shaft Coupler

The maintenance of shaft couplers isn't something you often think about until after some type of mechanical failure has already occurred, however giving due consideration to the couplings in your particular application may contribute to a long and useful life of both your couplings, the shafts they connect and the entire machinery of which they are a part.

In general, shaft couplers are designed to connect two shafts together. While the most common purpose of two shafts being connected is to transmit rotation from one application to another, it is often in your best interest to use a shaft coupler that will allow for a bit of slippage or misalignment. While you certainly do not want two rotating shafts to accidentally become disconnected during operation, it may be advantageous for a coupler to allow for some movement in order to prevent too much torque from damaging your machinery. For this, some shaft couplings come equipped with a torque limiter, which is designed to protect equipment from too much rotational power.

There are a few things you can do to improve the successful life of the couplings in your particular application, so as to prevent the need for more expensive and invasive repairs on your particular mechanical device. Taking care of couplings will also reduce the likelihood of revenue lost due to downtime while said machinery is being repaired.

  • Perform regular monitoring - Visually checking your couplings for signs of wear, corrosion, and damage can give you adequate time to clean, repair, or order a replacement coupling before total mechanical failure, affecting the rest of your machinery, occurs. The frequency of your monitoring schedule will depend upon the frequency of use, operating conditions, and the force exerted upon it while in operation.
  • Lubricate as needed - If your coupling requires lubrication, applying lubrication at appropriate, regular intervals can increase performance and extend the life of the coupling. Like with visual inspections, a shaft coupler that requires lubrication may need to be frequently greased or oiled when the demand placed upon it is higher, when environmental conditions or operating conditions are less than optimal, or when either shaft or the coupler itself has begun to reach the end of its expected performance life.

Occasionally, a coupling, even when being used appropriately under optimal operating conditions, becomes out of balance. Should this occur, it is possible to re-balance a coupling, although it is a complicated and tedious procedure, and is not always cost-effective. You may find that it is wiser to simply replace the faulty coupling.

If, in spite of operating your machinery in optimal conditions, visually checking your couplings at regular, appropriate intervals, and lubricating when necessary, you find that your shaft coupler still needs to be replaced, contact us. The Big Bearing Store is pleased to carry a full line of shaft couplers, and our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their installation and operation.

Finding the right shaft coupler for your particular application isn't always an easy task, but we believe you would agree that time and effort invested into researching all the couplings available on the market, is time and effort well spent. As technological advances bring new and improved couplers to the table, offering consumers more options to choose from, our staff at The Big Bearing Store makes it our goal to stay apprised of new developments and the latest research, so as to advise you on the perfect coupler for your mechanical needs. Whether you are looking for a coupling that will deliver power when called upon, or provide needed flexibility to reduce the shocks and jolts that may occur during mechanical operation, we can help you locate the exact part that will help all your mechanical devices work together.

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