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Surprise! Do you Know Where Rod Ends Come From?

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Rod Ends

You just never know what you might learn. They say we learn something new everyday. Well, this article might be your chance to do just that. It might even be possible that you learn several things. I'm going to give you a brief summary of how Rod Ends were introduced to the world.

Who Invented the Rod End?

The rod end was invented sometime in the 1930's by Willy Messerschmitt, who was a designer of aircraft in Germany. Due to WW II, the exact birthing of this invention isn't exactly clear, though a fair guess would be in the mid 1930's. That was when the designer won the Luftwaffe's 1935 contest in fighter design. He would later go on to design planes for the Nazi war effort. It just so happens that Messerschmitt also designed and produced the first, original jet powered fighter, which even included prototypes that incorporated Nitrous Oxide as well.

So, How did WE get Them?

Well, by a little luck really. Upon capturing some German planes early in the war, the Allies were astounded to discover an odd piece of technology, the rod end. When this tidbit was brought back to the states, the company H.G. Heim was given the chance to recreate this new joint technology. And the term "Heim Joint" remains in use even today. 

Where are They now?

After initially being discounted as an effective design for automobiles, when the 1970s rolled around, the rod end went into mass production mode, once the patents on the Heim designs ran out. And nowadays, you can find rod ends in all types of machinery, from tractors to submarines, land speed vehicles and even the space shuttles.

Funny that an invention like that made a big difference early in the war, when it was exclusively German technology. But planes could travel lighter and faster with the rod end concept. And necessity is truly the mother of invention. Luckily for the rest of the world, it didn't stay a secret for very long. Check out our BIG selection today and find whatever you need.

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