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The Two Types of Take-up Bearings

When you are looking for take-up bearings, the choices may seem a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we can help because we have your choices narrowed down to two types. Those two types comes in various sizes to fit your bearing needs. Let's start with some basic take up bearings information.Why Use Take Up Bearings? We use bearings [...]

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The Dynamic Roller Chains of The World

The chain used for lifting the carriage on a forklift and the cutting chain on chainsaws are the same sort of chain: they're roller chains. These are used on slower drives, which attain speeds of 600 to 800 feet per minute. Bicycles are pretty common examples, and some motorcycles use them. This type of chain drive [...]

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Replacing Washing Machine Bearings

Replacing washing machine bearings can be one of the most difficult repair jobs to complete on a washing machine. It will require a complete strip down of the machine. Anyone who does not have confidence in his or her ability to totally strip down the machine and re-build it safely should not attempt this repair. [...]

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How to Choose the Correct Shaft Couplers For Your Next Project

The humble shaft couplers are an often overlooked part of a project, selected out of habit based on a previous project choice. However, ignoring couplings can cause errors or simply a less efficient final product. By following a few simple guidelines you can make sure you choose the best coupling for your next project, increasing potential [...]

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Pillow Block Bearings Applications and Types

Variations of pillow block bearings have maintained a long and successful tenure in the industry world. Due to well crafted and balanced designs, they offer high performance results. The pillow block bearings primary purpose is to give support to a shaft that rotates. This requires them to be durable, thus most types are made from cast [...]

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Bearing Suppliers That Have Everything You Need

The bearings went out. This can't happen, not this week. You've got a deadline to meet. But here you are, stopped in your tracks because your machinery is down. This needs to be fixed right away. You don't have time to search for various parts from different stores. And you certainly can't wait until next [...]

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Wheel Bearing Noise Diagnosis

First off, let's explain what a wheel bearing is, for those that might not know. Wheel bearings are steel balls that are confined within a metal ring that is called a "race". A seal protects these parts from corrosive or damaging contaminants.This allows a wheel to spin at high rates of speed, with very little [...]

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Bearing Distributors for Online Industrial Solutions

In the fast paced world we live in these days, there's little or no time to stop and take a break. Things need to be done on time, and delivered fast and efficiently. When things break down, fixing it quickly becomes very important. If you have an industrial business, or work in the agricultural field, [...]

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Disc Harrow Bearing Repair Tips

Disc harrows are a type of farm equipment that is designed for cultivating soil. Wherever crops are going, is where the disc harrows go first. Whether it's conditioning the soil for better growing capabilities, or chopping up pesky weeds and remnants of previous crops. They're generally fairly large, made up of numerous steel or iron [...]

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Metric Oil Seals Reminders and Replacements

There is not much need to go too deep into the measurement of what metric oil seals do for your machinery. Whether it's for an ATV, assembly line, farming equipment or other industrial production application. There are a few things to remember when it comes time to change them out however. For some of you, it [...]

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