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Pillow Block Bearings Applications and Types

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Pillow Block Bearings

Variations of pillow block bearings have maintained a long and successful tenure in the industry world. Due to well crafted and balanced designs, they offer high performance results. The pillow block bearings primary purpose is to give support to a shaft that rotates. This requires them to be durable, thus most types are made from cast iron or steel. However, for heavier loads, they will most commonly be made of aluminum in order to improve heat conduction and load capacity. More frequently, they usually handle light to medium loads, as opposed to their close cousin, the plummer block, which is normally used for heavier load capacities.

Pillow Block Bearings Types

Each type of bearing has a different purpose, and is designed to best suit the applications and uses they're needed for.

  • Standard Ball Bearings: This type of bearing is made to be friction free, in order to perform at a high level while carrying large capacity loads. A cage aligns the ball bearings properly, held within in an inner and outer ring. This maintains a smooth motion for optimal performance.
  • Needle Roller Bearings: These bearings are smaller than their counter-parts, the roller bearings. But they operate similarly, just with a smaller cylinder-like roller.
  • Plain Ball Bearings: Depending on the use for these bearings, they're most often constructed from a bronze and metal alloy, though some types are made from plastic. They are frequently used in linear types of applications, where they can maintain large loads while still performing at a high level. These bearings require lubrication in order to function effectively.
  • Roller Bearings: These are the "big brother" of the needle roller bearing. They are applied to rotational motions, using a roller or cylinder design between an inner ring and an outer ring. There are varying types, each having their own uses. The specifications of each type is also different, depending on their application.

There you have it. The pillow block bearings break down. Click the link to find the best bearing distributor.

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