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Disc Harrow Bearing Repair Tips

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Disc Harrow Bearing

Disc harrows are a type of farm equipment that is designed for cultivating soil. Wherever crops are going, is where the disc harrows go first. Whether it's conditioning the soil for better growing capabilities, or chopping up pesky weeds and remnants of previous crops. They're generally fairly large, made up of numerous steel or iron discs that have a mild concave shape. A disc harrow has sections, generally in sets of 2's or 4's. The bearing replacement procedure isn't too difficult as long as you have the right tools for the job, and an understanding of what you're doing.

Disc Harrow Bearing Replacement

  1. Removal of the Deck: The first order of business is removing the disc harrow deck. You will likely need side cuts to remove several cotter pins in order to allow the deck to slide completely out.
  2. Bearing Blocks: This step is optional, but should be based on a determination of the condition of the blocks. If they appear to be in good shape, and move without resistance or scraping, they should be fine. If you deem that they should be replaced, be mindful to not over tighten them after replacement. If they're too tight, there is a risk of cracking the blocks.
  3. Bearings: After you've checked (and replaced, if necessary) your blocks, it's time to remove the disc harrow bearings. There is usually a pulley on a spindle that will need to be removed after the deck has been taken off. Once this is done, the shaft should come off easily. The bearing should be fairly simple to tap out at this point. Often the end of a screwdriver can make a good "tapping tool" for this process. Once this is done, put your new bearings where the old one's were. This will be a far easier and much more inexpensive repair than if you replaced the whole spindle.
  4. Things to Remember: Take pictures of each part you take off, in the order you remove them. This makes correct re-installation easy, without any mistakes. Check here for a Big inventory of affordable, high quality bearings online.
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