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Metric Oil Seals Reminders and Replacements

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Metric Oil Seals

There is not much need to go too deep into the measurement of what metric oil seals do for your machinery. Whether it's for an ATV, assembly line, farming equipment or other industrial production application. There are a few things to remember when it comes time to change them out however. For some of you, it might be something you didn't know, and for others it may serve as a friendly reminder.

A Thing or Two About Metric Oil Seals 

A brief description of metric oil seals is that they have a bendable lip that rubs on a shaft or a housing which helps to prevent any contamination from dirt and debris, and prevents leaks or fluid from penetrating through. They're often found in severe environments where keeping out harmful debris and corrosive moisture is vital to the longevity of moving mechanical components.

When you install a metric oil seal, be sure the lip of the seal is pointing towards the lube you are trying to contain. This sounds simple enough, but can be occasionally overlooked, despite its importance. In some cases, there may be double contact lips which prevents making this mistake.

The Most Common Applications

Metric oil seals are found in a variety of places that have any type of machine parts, such as:

  • ATV's and automobiles
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Transmissions

Having the right size is certainly a critical part of replacing metric oil seals. You need to be sure that you find a place that has many sizes, for many applications. The bigger the selection, the easier it is to make only one stop and find everything you need. Because of this, The Big Bearing Store is the perfect place to find the shapes, sizes and types you need to get your machinery running smoothly again. 

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