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Ball Bearings Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

The Egyptians were thought to have been the first to come up with the concept of ball bearings. Although obviously the designs were crude, the implementation and usefulness cannot be discounted. In essence, they used wooden rollers, such as shaved down tree trunks under a type of sled, to move large objects. While this isn't [...]

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All Terrain Vehicle Bearings for Winter Hunting and Mudding

Fall is upon us, and winter lingers right behind it.Gone are those warm summer days, but that doesn't mean that fun has to go with it.If you love mudding after a good rain, or maybe you love to go hunting, then be prepared in advance with All Terrain Vehicle Bearings that are designed to take [...]

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Online Bearing Store to Keep You Rolling

Remember those ads when you were a kid? The catchy jingle that would summon you to buy a toy. And of course summoning your friends to do the same.Now we get to make more informed buying decisions. These decisions aren't always fun time choices though. When it's time to get down to business, you need affordable [...]

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Flanged Ball Bearings and Their Variations

Mounted in cast iron, flanged ball bearings are used in conjunction with various other bearing types. The flange design is intended to help with the operating, mount and position of miniature bearings, other types of bearings, and instruments. Flange bearings can reduce issues such as axial overload, shaft flexing and vibrating problems. Multiple bearings may [...]

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Linear Actuators for Agriculture and Hobby Enthusiasts

To begin, we should understand what linear actuators are. A linear actuator creates straight line motion, as opposed to an electric motor, which generates circular motion. They can be found in many places such as printers, computer disk drives, dampers and valves, and wherever else a linear drive or motion is needed.Linear Actuators and Their [...]

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Ball Transfer Units and Their Various Uses

Have you ever looked under your mouse for your computer and seen the little track ball that moves your pointer around the screen? That concept is similar to the make up of ball transfer units. In most cases, the design consists of a large single ball that is surrounded by numerous small ball bearings. They [...]

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Shaft Collars for Everyday Living

If you're in the industrial world, then you probably are very familiar with shaft collars. They can be found on most machines in some capacity, quietly reducing lateral strain and securing shafts within their couplings and housings. The surprising thing however, is just how many places you can find them. They're literally everywhere, and relatively [...]

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Tapered Roller Bearing Uses and Advantages

A tapered roller bearing is a unit that consists of both tapered raceways (inner and outer rings), and tapered rollers. The construction is intended for combination loads, such as dual acting axial and radial loads. The bearing axis is where the projected lines of the raceway combine at a common location to improve rolling, while [...]

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Harvest Time and Sealed Agriculture Bearings

As summer hits the home stretch, harvesting for many farmers is upon us or nearly here. The fields are full of machinery, from combines to balers, tractors and trailers. All busily bringing food to our tables, and life sustaining money to our hard working farmers. This is not a time for mechanical failures to stop [...]

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Five Causes for Premature V-Belt Failure

One of the most frustrating parts of production is when it stops. The job has to get done, usually under a deadline, so stoppage time makes everything more difficult. More stress, annoyance, and the costly overtime frequently accompany down time. In short, it costs you money and life span! One of the components that can [...]

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