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Harvest Time and Sealed Agriculture Bearings

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Sealed Agriculture Bearings

As summer hits the home stretch, harvesting for many farmers is upon us or nearly here. The fields are full of machinery, from combines to balers, tractors and trailers. All busily bringing food to our tables, and life sustaining money to our hard working farmers. This is not a time for mechanical failures to stop the harvest engine in it's tracks. So before it's too late, taking a look at sealed agriculture bearings is recommended to prevent any untimely work stoppages and unneeded headaches. 

Get the Most From Your Agriculture Bearings

It goes without saying that farm equipment goes through many rigorous tests of endurance, from a variety of weather related heating and cooling, to long days of continuous usage in dirty and dusty environments. So these considerations are important for choosing to use sealed agriculture bearings for optimal results.

  • Self-lubricating Bearings: These bearings are designed to withstand the elements without needing to be serviced often. This is important considering lubrication would be needed frequently in a farm setting.
  • Longevity and Performance: With higher shock resistant load capacity, and improved wear and durability designs, the modern agriculture bearings are made for the rigors of the fields. Constructed for reduced friction, you get more power and increased productivity from your machinery.
  • Lower Cost: By nearly eliminating the need to machine or harden grease paths, your shaft costs will be reduced, as well as saving your precious time for more important things.

With the importance of your time and money being so high, especially at harvest time, it makes sense to have sealed agriculture bearings on your hard working farm equipment. Down time is money lost, and at such a crucial time of the year, you need dependability when it matters most. For the best parts and bearings for your machines, check out the huge selection at The Big Bearing Store today.

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