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Linear Actuators for Agriculture and Hobby Enthusiasts

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Linear Actuators

To begin, we should understand what linear actuators are. A linear actuator creates straight line motion, as opposed to an electric motor, which generates circular motion. They can be found in many places such as printers, computer disk drives, dampers and valves, and wherever else a linear drive or motion is needed.

Linear Actuators and Their Accomplices

The 12V linear actuators are one of the industry standards for agriculture, automotive and industrial uses. They have various lengths and load ratings, depending on what you need from them. They are usually offered as a light, standard or heavy duty part, to cover all different types of requirements. 

Actuator Switches are the mechanical component designed to manually switch a circuit to the ON or OFF position. In many cases, and indicator light will visually inform you as to it's current operating status.There are also toggle reversing switches, which enables the motor to switch directions. Another version of this is called the Rocker Reversing Switch, which is a maintained contact switch that will remain clicked into position unless clicked in the opposite direction. This is where the term "maintained contact" applies.

High current relays work in conjunction with linear actuators, and are used to control permanent magnetic motors by reversing the contact relays polarity. The output terminals provide dynamic braking due to resting at ground in a state of de-energization.

Actuators can be controlled by an actuator controller that often comes with presets that you can program when your linear actuator is at a position you prefer or frequently use. Another form of this is the device you use to open the trunk of your car without a key.

Whether it's for fun or for work, you want reliable parts for your endeavors. If you need same day shipping for linear actuators or other reliable and affordable parts, then look no further.

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