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Shaft Collars for Everyday Living

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Shaft Collars

If you're in the industrial world, then you probably are very familiar with shaft collars. They can be found on most machines in some capacity, quietly reducing lateral strain and securing shafts within their couplings and housings. The surprising thing however, is just how many places you can find them. They're literally everywhere, and relatively unnoticed. Here are some of the more prominent places you'll find them, and likely need to replace them at some point:

Shaft Collars in the Modern World

Conveyor Line Roller Chain Sprockets: Shaft collars are the connecting piece onto a driven shaft, preferred because of their increased holding power as well as ease of adjustment. 

Packaging Machines: If you've ever worked on a bottling line, then you are certainly familiar with the label machine, which in many cases has shaft collars on both the top and bottom of the label feed to provide smooth rolling, and fast adjustments for size changes of the labels.

Various Types of Saws: Usually a threaded shaft will contain a set screw shaft collar which serves as a stopper and reduces the movement range of the saw or table or both depending on what machine you're using. 

Bagging Machines: Similar to the label use, this easily adjusted application usually includes a clamping device on the collar, which allows for quick adjusting without the need of tools.

Safety Guards: Shaft collars that are installed next to each other can provide a feed line or groove for cables or wires to channel through. Again, their ease of adjustment allows for quick changeovers to keep operating levels high.

Agricultural Machinery: One of many examples of this would be to use a keyed shaft collar that will increase torque as well as the holding power for high torsional operation.

These examples are merely a few of the millions of ways shaft collars are present in our everyday life. If you look around, you'll likely see numerous usages that you weren't ever even aware of. While they quietly go about their duties, at some point, just like everything, they will need to be replaced. Here's where to go when you need the best industrial parts for replacements.

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