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Roller Chains: The Link to the Industry Machine

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Roller Chains

The usage of roller chains is widespread throughout various industrial fields. From assembly lines, conveyors and agricultural machines, you'll see roller chains working their magic to keep things moving smoothly. Not to mention their key role for bikes, motorcycles, and automobiles. 

Roller chains and their links are built sturdy in order to handle large payloads. The amount of weight the chain can handle is measured by the term "tensile strength", which determines the capacity before breakage. "Fatigue strength" is the measurement of the steel quality the chain is made from, the link plate quality of the fabrication of the pitch hole, and the application of the chains heat treatment.

Roller Chains Design

Roller chains are designed to minimize friction, to enable higher efficiency and longevity. Each chain link has side links to hold them together. A sprocket is used to pull the chain, with the sprocket teeth engaging each link as it pulls it. Two different links make up a roller chain. An inner link, which consists of two inner plates, which is adjoined by two sleeves or bushings. The outer link has two plates on the outside, which uses pins that pass through the inner bushings of the link to keep it attached to the chain.

Lubrication and Wear and Tear

Roller chains are frequently used in dirty conditions. From agricultural usage, to motorcycles, they are often inundated with dirt, mud and other foreign substances. These chains also tend to have a high usage rate. Frequent lubrication is necessary to prevent seizing and enable smoother operation. 

As roller chains wear down, the space between the links becomes greater. This will inevitably cause stretching, and improper fitting to the sprocket. If the roller chain being used is too long, the sprocket teeth will develop a hook shape. This will cause poor operation for powering machinery. Often a grinding noise will accompany this issue, and it means that both parts need to be replaced. 

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