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Is it Time for New Washing Machine Bearings?

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Washing Machine Bearings

Before you get started on a project like this, be sure that you account for everything that replacing Washing Machine Bearings will consist of. It isn't a quick fix, and in many cases it will require you to completely strip your washer. Which in turn means you will need to put it back together in its entirety, as well as correctly.

This isn't meant to discourage any of you DIY folks that like to try and save money where and when you can. But it should be noted in order for you to determine the value of replacement washing machine bearings, or an entirely new machine. Here's some pointers to tell you if the bearings are in fact the problem to begin with.

Is That You, Washing Machine Bearings?

As is the case with most bearings of any kind that are getting worn out, your washing machine bearings will generally create some noise to let you know they're nearing a completed lifespan. Often when the spin cycle is kicked into high gear, you'll hear a rumble or squeal noise coming from your washer. 

Typically, the bearing in front will end up with a worn out water seal, which then allows water to penetrate to the bearing, leading inevitably to the failure of the front bearing. The rear bearing is smaller and doesn't have as much load responsibility as the front. Thus, you will usually have to replace the larger front bearing.

Other Problems to Look for

If you decide to go ahead with your washing machine bearing replacement project, you should check for a couple other things while you're there. It will save you some serious additional work down the road, as well as being necessary in some cases. In addition to the likely culprit, the bearing water seal, you should also change out the tub seal. If the tub seal goes bad, you'll likely lose your machine.

Also take a look at the inner drum for damage. This is the part where your clothes go, often made of stainless steel. If you look at the back of this drum, you'll see a shaft that slides into the bearings, which includes a brass bushing. Check this for damage as well, because if it is damaged, it will destroy your new bearings in short order too. 

As with many home projects, should you choose to take on a washing machine bearing replacement challenge, be sure everything is unplugged and away from water when you do it. And be ready for the job with the right parts and the right tools in hand!

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