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ATV Wheel Bearings for Summertime Fun

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ATV Wheel Bearings

It's almost summer. Time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. All of those off-road activities that we love so much can finally get moved to the forefront. The ATV's can have the tarp removed at last, and go through the routine check-ups to make sure it's running right. Get those wheels and ATV wheel bearings lubed and free to roll smoothly. 

What do ATV Wheel Bearings do?

ATV Wheel Bearings are contained within a hub, which allows the axle to rotate and thus transfer that rotation to the wheel. An inner ring that makes axle contact is able to spin or rotate along with the axle, while an outer ring is stationary as it contacts the inner hub. The bearings between the inner and outer ring is what makes movement possible. 

Short Lived but Low Cost

The longevity of ATV wheel bearings is impacted directly by the immense pressure they're under. Considering the force of rotation runs directly through the wheel bearings, the service life tends to be rather short. This, coupled with the wear and tear and off road rigors that ATV's tend to go through, means you should check your ATV wheel bearings frequently. Not just because they wear out quickly, but because if they fail, they can cause damage to other parts such as wheel hubs and bearing spacers, the steering knuckle, and sometimes rotors can even be damaged.

However, wheel bearings aren't too costly, so long as you replace them before they cause other problems. Finding replacements for ATV wheel bearings can be easy and affordable with same day shipping in most cases.

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