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Shaft Collars: What are They Exactly?

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Shaft Collars

The shaft collars are a straightforward, yet essential, machine element found in several power transmission applications, most notably electric motors as well as transmissions. The collars are utilized as mechanical stoppers, situating components, and bearing fronts. The easy style lends itself to easy setup.

Clamp Style Shaft Collars

These were developed to fix the problems connected with the set-screw collar. They are available in one and also two-piece designs. Rather than protruding right into the shaft, the screws act to compress the shaft collars as well as lock it into its location. The simplicity of use is preserved with this design and there is no shaft damages. Given that the screws press the collar, a consistent distribution of force is maintained by the shaft, resulting in a holding power that is virtually twice that of set-screw collars.

Although clamp-type collars work extremely well under fairly consistent pressure, certain types of loads can cause the collar to change its placement on the shaft. This is because of the high pressures that can be created by a relatively small mass influence, compared with a statically or progressively applied weight. As an alternative for applications with this sort of loading, an undercut can be made on the shaft as well as a clamp collar can be made use of to create a positive stop that is more resistant to shock.

Possibly one of the most ingenious and also beneficial of the collars is the two-piece securing collar.The two-piece layout gives higher securing force compared to a solitary clamp because all the force is moved directly into securing the shaft. In single item designs, the non-tightened side gives negative force as it should hold the collar open to permit it to be placed onto the shaft. The single tightener has to work against this force along with offering clamping pressure of its own.

Two-screw clamps still give force on 2 sides (one dimension) only. Four (or even more) screw clamps supply pressure on 4 (or more) sides.

Set Screw Collars

The initial shaft collars were set screw collars, found mostly in very early factories and manufacturing plants. The original shaft collars were ring shaped, solid, and employing a square headed set screw which extended outside of the collar. Extending screws could be a trouble because they would catch on an employee's garments while rotating on a shaft, and pull them right into the machinery.

Set screw collars are best made use of when the material of the shaft is softer than the established screw. However, the established screw triggers damage to the shaft-- a flare-up of shaft material-- making the collar harder to change or eliminate. Here is the place to go if you need shaft collars or shaft couplers for your job.

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