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How to Determine if it's Time for New ATV Bearings

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Was your last ride a little rougher than you had hoped? Maybe the wheels felt loose, or they're shaking or wobbly? There are a few different possibilities here, but one of the main problems that could be causing this is worn out ATV Bearings. Luckily, there are some methods to determine exactly what issues you are having, without having to break out the power tools right away. 

ATV Bearings, Tie Rod Joints, or Something Else?

Depending on what kind of play you have in your wheel, most of the problems that apply to a wobbly or shaking wheel can be applied to the ATV bearings or the tie rod joints. What's the best way to tell the difference you might ask? Well, that depends on what the tire does when you push in certain spots. If you push on the middle of the outside of the tire, near the tread, and the tire moves either inwards or outwards without the handle bars turning, then you most likely have either loose or bad tie rods. If you push the top or bottom of the outside of the tire, and the wheel rocks either in or out on the axle, you probably have bad wheel bearings. If you push downwards on the entire wheel and it makes a clanking noise or moves, then you could have loosened knuckles, bad bearings, bad ball joints, or the bushings are worn out. 

Why is it Important to Replace Right Away?

If the ATV Bearings go bad, it causes a chain reaction of other issues. For instance, when the bearings are worn, and you continue to use the vehicle, the bearing seat will likely start to get bored out. This effects the knuckle as it tends to cause wallowing . Also, your tires will wear out unevenly and much quicker due to the lean of your wheels. So, if left unchecked, you could find yourself with a cascade of additional problems, and obviously a much bigger job and expense to fix. Since many parts rely on others, you may choose to replace each item all at once and avoid having one part causing problems to brand new parts.

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